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Online Prepaid Calling Card for your International Calls

Maxi Talk £5
Price: £4.16
Maximum talk for minimum price.  
Safari Talk £5
Price: £2.91
Get a quality call with unbeatable minutes.  
Talk Direct  £5
Price: £3.99
Talk Direct compartively gives you the best minutes to call to your destination.  
Talk Home £5
Price: £4.16
Talkhome Phone Card has proven to be the best selling Calling Card in UK over the past few years. Buy Talk Home Cheap online to get maximum calls to Africa. Please refer to Talkhome rates and Talk Home access numbers.  
Cherry £1
Price: £0.99
Call the world with Cherry calling card, the small card with big minutes.  
Go Mad For Bananas £5
Price: £4.16
Fantastic Card To call abroad.