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frequently asked questions

Do Shorter calls cost more than longer call ?
Usually there are two cost associated with each call namely connection fee and per minute charges. If there is higher connection charge per minute cost will be lower and if per minute charge is higher the connection charge will be lower. So if you want card for longer call use the card with higher per connection rate and if you do short calls use the card with high per minute calls.

Is it better to contact the Calling Card Company or Online Prepaid Calling Card?
Online prepaid calling card is the retail seller of calling cards. For any issue regarding pins and call quality it is better to contact calling card company.

I forgot my Username and Password.
Please contact customer support from the help and contact section to reset your password.

My pin is not working or blocked before I finished my balance.
Please contact customer support of card manufacturer which is provided in the site and incase you cannot find the number contact our customer support team.

How can I contact Online Prepaid Calling Card in case of any problem?
Please use the customer service form from within your account in case you need assistance.

How do I get the pin?
You can find your pin on "My Account” section once you log in.

Is is safe to buy from your site?
We use secure payment system using 128 bit encryption technology to scramble data from your cards, we do not store any card details and we use SSL in our browser.

What is the benefit of buying online?
We provide you excellent customer support and have unbeatable offers for all your calling needs.

I do not get the minutes as stated.
There are connection and maintenance charges associated with the calls which reduces the minutes stated.

How long will it take to get my Pin?
All PIN sent out instantly, however sometimes we filter the emails and might take time to deliver pins however you can contact [email protected]   and we will get back  to you straight away. Check also your spam or junk email.

When does the calling card expire?
Each calling card has a set expire period which differs on the manufacturers. The details are provided in the site.