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Online Prepaid Calling Card for your International Calls

Online Prepaid Calling Card offers you an extensive range of UK Phone cards that can save a fortune on your international phone bills. Phone cards which other wise also called Calling cards is a prepaid card with a fixed amount of credit to make calls. You simply dial a free or local number and enter your unique PIN number of the UK phone card, you can now save upto 90% on the call compared to if you had dialed without a UK Phone card.

International call cards is the trusted choice of millions of customers everyday who want to make international calls at the cheapest price. We constantly update our customers with the latest news on how to get the most of their phone cards. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter

Maxi Talk £5
Price: £4.16
Maximum talk for minimum price.  
Chopper £1
Price: £1.08
Chopper is a new calling card in market. Try Chopper and you will get satisfied.  
Safari Talk £5
Price: £2.91
Get a quality call with unbeatable minutes.  
Pure Minutes £2.50
Price: £2.49
Fantastic Card To call abroad.  
White £5
Price: £4.16
One of the most popular guaranteed cards online. White calling card will not let you down with vanishing minutes or hidden charges. What you see is what you get with this phone card.